Period Tracking Apps Gaining Popularity In India

Nikhita Sanotra
Jun 15, 2017 11:14 IST
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It is quite a win-win for women really because technology has saved us in so many ways. Be it medical technology or anything else - it's here to help us be ourselves and leave the rest on the technology. One of the most useful things that has come about because of all this is the use of period tracking apps.


These apps are easily available for free and can be used by women to track not just their period, but their ovulation dates, sexual activity, symptoms of PMS and more.

Although women have been using this app in India for a while now, there are some women who still don’t use it. Shalini K*, a student in Bangalore told us, “I’ve not used any app for my periods. It comes regularly so I never thought about it. Maybe once I am sexually active, it would make more sense but for now, I’m lucky that I can track my period in my mind.”

For others, these period tracking apps are a boon. Aswira Siraj, a 25-year-old resident of Bangalore tells us, “Period tracker apps are great because they give me regular updates, let me place reminders and track things like my mood and weight and other period-related symptoms. It gives me the history of my past periods which is very helpful for me because of my PCOS (PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome). As someone who is very forgetful, period apps are a lifesaver.”

Josephine J, a 26-year-old woman who keeps shuttling between Bangalore and Dubai tells us,

“I use the period tracker app to track everything: days I’ve had sex, days I'm ovulating (So I can avoid getting pregnant), days I’ll be on period so I can plan other things in advance, and I can also track my mood swings, bloating and soreness.”

We also spoke with John Paul, the CEO of Plackal, the company that has brought us the period tracking app Maya. He tells us, “Women globally, especially in developed countries, are aware and have been using the period-tracking apps for a while now. Women in India are just discovering the value of tracking their periods. The average smartphone user in India has spent relatively shorter time online. They are slowly discovering that the smartphone has a lot more utility than just messaging and social media. With increasing awareness about health in India and easier access to data, we are seeing a much higher demand.”


Maya, the app is available in many Indian languages and has forums that help you discuss period issues with other women using the app. Although the Western World has always been using period tracking apps, women in India are now getting to know about these apps and are using them to keep track of their lives. As menstruation and sex are still quite a taboo in this day and age in India, these apps are a good way to keep track of periods as well as sexual health without anyone knowing or intervening.

* - name changed on request

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