“Rs 6,000 For A Rape Survivor, Are You Doing Charity?” SC To MP Govt

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A shocked Supreme Court on Thursday (Feb 15) questioned the Madhya Pradesh government’s judgement or the logic behind giving a paltry Rs 6,500 to sex assault survivors. Upset at the news, the SC asked the state whether it was doing “charity” to the survivors.

The apex court said the news was shocking as the state had received maximum funds from the Centre under the Nirbhaya Fund. However, it was only disbursing Rs 6,000-6,500 only to each rape survivor, TOI reported.

The bench, comprising Justices Madan B Lokur and Deepak Gupta, said, “According to you and your affidavit, on an average, you are paying Rs 6,000 to a rape victim. Are you doing charity? How can you do so. … You value a rape at Rs 6,500?”

“For Madhya Pradesh, the figures are fantastic. There are 1,951 rape victims in Madhya Pradesh and you are giving them Rs 6,000-Rs 6,500 each. Is that good, commendable? What is this?” the bench asked, adding, “this is total insensitiveness”.

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This disturbing apathy came into focus when the court last month directed all states and Union Territories to file an affidavit indicating the amount received by them under the Nirbhaya Fund towards survivor compensation. They all presented the amount disbursed by them under the scheme and the number of survivors of sexual assault.

However, 24 states and UTs are yet to file their affidavits.

During the hearing, when Haryana’s counsel said they would file their affidavit, the bench observed, “If you have not filed affidavit, it is a very clear indication of what you feel for safety of women in your state. You take your time and tell the women in your state that you do not care for them.”

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