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Here's a big thumbs up to the Indian women’s cricket team. Having displayed commendable performance, the Indian women cricketers are a confident lot before heading out for the World Cup in England. And what has further boosted their morale is the announcement that they will earn more money per game and a higher daily allowance from the upcoming tournament. While they earlier earned Rs 3 lakh per series, now they are set to get Rs 1 lakh per game.


The BCCI has confirmed that the daily allowance of the women cricketers would be equal to men’s as it has been hiked from $50 to $125 when playing overseas, and to $100 when playing in India.

The ICC women's World Cup in England and Wales is slated to be held from June 24 to July 23.

“The Indian women’s team flies business class these days, which was not the case earlier. Their DA has been increased. At the same time, there have been changes in payment structure. The men’s and women’s team will get same allowances henceforth,” BCCI game development manager Ratnakar Shetty said, Indian Express reported.

“It was during BCCI president Anurag Thakur’s tenure that the proposal was taken up to revive women’s cricket. A proper grade structure was introduced like men’s cricket. The BCCI had promised more games which we have been doing now,” he added.

In order to ensure an equal celebration of sportsmanship in the country, last month, the former women cricketers were bestowed with a one-time benefit by the Indian cricket board. With three ODIs being treated as one Test, those cricketers who played 9 or fewer Tests got Rs 15 lakh, those in the 10-24 Tests bracket got Rs 25 lakh, and veterans who featured in 25-49 Tests got Rs 30 lakh.

The board has also decided to revive the pension scheme, with those having played 1-9 matches before 2003-04 eligible for Rs 15,000 a month and those with more than 10 Tests to get Rs 22,000.


“There were two sessions kept for these girls. One was media interactive session where they were told how to talk and interact with the media. If they are not comfortable with English, they should speak in Hindi. If during games or presentation, they are getting an award, then they can accompany a player who will translate it for them. We did a mock session also. They also had a bonding session with team building exercises. It was the first time the BCCI had such kind of things for them and players were very happy,” Shetty said.

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Indian captain Mithali Raj is confident of a good show in England. Before the team's departure for the global event, she said, "Our first step would be to get into the semis of the World Cup."

“We definitely want to win the World Cup. It would be a revolution kind of thing for the Indian’s women’s cricket team. And it gives impetus to young women to take up the sport,” Mithali said.

“It would serve as a great platform to showcase the kind of cricket we have been playing in the past two years," she added.

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“There are a few seniors in the team who are aware of the World Cup, they are aware of the expectations and the pressure that one faces during the event. We need to guide the youngsters and be there for them in pressure situations,” Mithali said.

India qualified for the tournament after winning the qualifier events for the ICC Women's World Cup, held in Sri Lanka earlier this year, where the Indians beat South Africa in the final.

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