Online Survey Shows 48% Parents Unwilling To Send Kids To School Without Getting Vaccinated

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Sending Kids To Offline School: In India, 48% of parents are unwilling to send their kids to school until they are vaccinated against COVID-19. The results came out on a recent survey including more than 32,000 parents across 361 districts.

Of these 32,000 parents, 47% were from tier 1 districts, 27% from tier 2 districts and 26% were from tier 3, 4 and rural districts, PTI reported.

According to a survey conducted by an online platform, Local Circles, in the coming months, vaccinating children going to school would be a crucial measure.

“Forty-eight per cent of the surveyed parents said they are not willing to send their children to schools till they are vaccinated,” the survey states.

Earlier this month several states in the country including Haryana, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh owing to the decline in their daily coronavirus cases issued notices about reopening the schools.

States such as Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh are planning to reopen their schools from August.

The survey by Local Circles further showed, only 21% of the respondents were in favour of sending their children to schools whenever they reopened. On the other hand, 30% are willing to allow their wards in school if Covid-19 cases come down to zero in their districts.

When the centre announced a nationwide lockdown to curb the spread of coronavirus diseases, schools across India were shut in March 2020. Later, they were partially reopened in October, however, the highly infectious second wave of the pandemic led to the closing of schools in April this year.

To date, 31,484,605 cases, 422,022 deaths and 30,663,147 recoveries due to the coronavirus disease have been recorded in India. India continues to stare at an upcoming third wave, which is reportedly to majorly affect children. However, the daily cases haven’t spiked since the peak of May 7.

Earlier a survey conducted by the same platform showed that as many as 8,227 parents in India are not willing to send their kids to school till COVID-19 cases in their district drop to zero in their district.