Palestinian Teen Ahed Tamimi May Be Released On Sunday

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Ahed tamimi walks free

Bassem al Tamimi, the father of 17-year-old Palestinian teenager Ahed al-Tamimi, who is held captive in the Israeli custody, told Anadolu Agency that his daughter might be freed on Sunday. Ahed Tamimi has been behind bars since December 2017.


Ahed al-Tamimi was arrested by the Israeli authorities for attacking the Israeli soldiers. A video footage of the young girl slapping and kicking an Israeli military soldier and pushing him away from her family's property outside her house went viral on social media. Ahed was arrested for this unacceptable behaviour with the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) soldiers.

In March this year, the Israeli military court sentenced Ahed to eight months in prison, after she accepted a plea deal in a closed military court.

Bassem Tamimi said that her daughter's release from the custody was initially planned to be on August 19. But he expects that the authorities would free her this weekend on Sunday, July 29. He added, "The Israeli authorities generally do not inform the detainee or his family of the date of his release, but I think she will get a decision to reduce her detention by 21 days."

Though there was no confirmation from the authorities, they have the power to reduce the detention period for some prisoners in regard of a "Special Evaluation."

"I saw the same soldiers who hit my cousin in the head, this time in front of my house this time. I could not keep quiet, and I responded as I did."

A few days before Ahed's video was filmed, the Israeli soldiers had shot her 15-year-old cousin Mohammed Tamimi. She testified about the incident in court saying, "I saw the same soldiers who hit my cousin in the head, this time in front of my house this time. I could not keep quiet, and I responded as I did."


Ahed's case received global recognition and she became a popular young face of resistance. Amnesty International and Al Jazeera described the Palestinian teen as the 'Rosa Parks of Palestine'. Some activists in Netherlands showed their support towards the young girl by re-naming streets in 13 Dutch cities on her name.

For years Palestinian's have been mistreated and disregard. Honaida Ghanim, director of The Palestinian Forum of Israeli Studies said, “They imagine Palestinian women are all oppressed, passive, veiled...always in the background. Ahed is the extreme opposite of that. She is young, has supposedly 'European' features. She reflects the image Israelis have of themselves - suddenly a Palestinian sabotages that self-image."

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