Lahore Female Cop Awarded For Saving Woman Amidst Blasphemy Mob Threat

A woman in Pakistan had to be rescued by the police after she was attacked by a mob that mistook the Arabic print on her kurta for Quran verses. The police officer who escorted has been shortlisted for a gallantry award.

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woman rescued by police after mob attacks her for wearing arabic print kurta

Screenshots from the video (OfficialDPRPP/X)

A Pakistani female police officer is being praised for her quick action to defuse a potentially violent scenario in Lahore. In a widely shared video, Assistant Superintendent of Police Syeda Shehrbano Naqvi is shown protecting a woman from a mob that accused her of blasphemy after mistaking the Arabic patterns on her kurta for Quran verses. The situation reportedly took place when the woman went to an eatery in Lahore with her husband. While the altercation started with a few men shouting at her, a large crowd gathered later, making the situation horrifying.  


Woman Rescued By Police As Crowd Turned Violent

As the situation started to get out of hand, the police arrived at the restaurant to escort the woman. Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Syeda Shehrbano Naqvi of Punjab Police (Pakistan) tried to pacify the crowd and helped return the woman to safety. In a video shared by Punjab Police official X account, ASP Naqvi can be seen urging the crowd not to resort to violence.

The police said on X that ASP Naqvi will be honoured with the Quaid-e-Azam Police Medal (QPM), the highest gallantry award for law enforcement in Pakistan, for her bravery in rescuing the woman. 

In a statement to the media, ASP Naqvi said, "The woman had gone shopping with her husband. She had worn a kurta that had some words written on it. When some people saw it they asked her to remove the kurta. There was a confusion. The woman also shared a statement after reaching the police station. "I had no intentions of insulting anyone's religious sentiments. I bought the kurta just because it had a good design," she said.

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