In a first, two sisters from Pakistan who work in the International Airlines (PIA) have created history by co-flying the Boeing 777 aircraft together. The duo became the first such co-pilot pair who flew a plane from Lahore to Karachi, Manchester, New York and London. According to PIA spokesperson Danyal Gilani, the sisters – Maryam Masood and Erum Masood who have experience in flying different planes, recently got the chance to fly an aircraft together.

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The sisters were able to achieve this when Erum Masood got promoted and subsequently got permission to fly the Boeing 777, which resulted in the happy coincidence of her joining her sister in helming the same aircraft.

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Gilani was happy to announce the news on Twitter and according to him, this is the first time that sisters have flown the same aircraft together. No doubt, a great moment for Maryam and Erum, and for women in Pakistan as well!

Feature Image Credit: ndtv

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