Pakistan Girl Tortured, Harassed Over Refusal To Marry Friend’s Father

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In a ghastly incident in Pakistan’s Faisalabad, a college student was tortured, humiliated and sexually harassed for refusing to marry an older man, who is the father of her friend, media reports said. A video of the abuse that took place on August 8 surfaced on Wednesday morning and went viral on social media.

In the video, the girl could be seen being tortured, hit by someone while a woman’s voice can be heard in the background. It shows her being assaulted by the suspects, her head and eyebrows shaved off after she was made to lick the shoes of the suspects.

Pakistan girl tortured

Police said they have arrested prime suspect Sheikh Danish, his daughter and five other suspects. The victim said that her friend’s father, a factory owner, was forcing her to marry him but when she refused, she was abused, harassed and filmed.

“Police have arrested seven suspects including Danish and his daughter and raids are underway to arrest the remaining suspects,” a spokesperson of Punjab police said.

The victim lived with her elderly mother and her two brothers are in the UK and Australia.

Police booked 15 suspects for abduction, torture, extortion and sexual assault on the girl, a final year dentistry student, under several sections of the Pakistan Penal Code.

In the FIR, the victim said she and Danish’s daughter were friends and she had family terms with Anna’s family.

“Anna’s father Sheikh Danish proposed to me for marriage, but my family and I rejected the proposal. Danish was of my father’s age and when I told this to Anna, she was furious at me,” she said.

The victim said on August 8, when her brother returned from the UK, Danish and his 14 accomplices visited her home and forced her brother to accept the marriage proposal.

When her brother rejected the proposal, the suspect and his accomplices tortured the teenager and her brother and forcibly took them to Danish’s house where they again harassed them. The suspects also forced the girl to lick Danish’s shoes, shaved her head and eyebrows, and filmed her humiliation.

“The prime suspect (Danish) then took her to another room where he subjected her to sexual assault and recorded the act,” the FIR said.

The girl told the police that the suspects also snatched their mobile phones, gold ornaments and demanded ₹1 million. She further added that they also threatened to upload the video clips social media if the amount was not paid.

According to local reports, a separate case was registered against the prime suspect at the Khurrianwala Police Station in Faisalabad, after liquor and weapons were found in his house.

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