Why Has Pakistan PM Imposed A Ban On New Year Celebrations?

Pakistan's caretaker Prime Minister, Anwaarul Haq Kakar has made an announcement, sending waves of wonder across the world. The declaration entails a stringent ban on New Year celebrations throughout the country.

Oshi Saxena
New Update

New Year celebrations in Karachi on January 1, 2023. (AFP)

Pakistan's caretaker Prime Minister, Anwaarul Haq Kakar, announced a strict ban on New Year celebrations in the country. This unprecedented decision was framed as a gesture of solidarity with the war-torn region of Gaza, emphasizing the need for sobriety and humility during the transition to the New Year.


Pakistan Prime Minister Kakar addressed the nation, drawing attention to the grave situation in Palestine. The ban on New Year celebrations is positioned as a response to the ongoing conflict in Gaza, where more than 20,000 Palestinians, including a majority of women and children, have lost their lives since the start of the war. 

The Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza

The conflict has forced a staggering 85% of Gaza's 2.3 million people from their homes, and with Israel expanding its ground offensive, further displacements are anticipated. Kakar accused Israeli forces of unprecedented violence and injustice, particularly against children, citing approximately 9,000 child casualties since the beginning of the Israeli bombardment on October 7.

Pakistan's Response and Aid Efforts

In response to the crisis, Pakistan has taken concrete steps to aid Palestine. Pakistan Prime Minister Kakar revealed that Pakistan has already sent two aid packages to Palestine, with preparations underway for a third. He also highlighted Pakistan's commitment to raising awareness about the plight of the Palestinian people on global platforms.

Pakistan Prime Minister Kakar expressed the collective anguish of the Pakistani nation and the broader Muslim world over the massacre of innocent children and the genocide of unarmed Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank. He highlighted Pakistan's ongoing efforts to bring the issue to international attention, emphasizing the country's commitment to halt the bloodshed perpetrated by Israel.

Traditionally, Pakistan's New Year celebrations are not extravagant, primarily due to the influence of Islamic groups that actively discourage festivities through various means, including the use of force. This cultural backdrop contributes to the acceptance of the government's ban, aligning with the sentiments of those who already view New Year celebrations with restraint.

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