'Modesty = Fully Clothed,' Actor Jawed Sheikh Schools Pak Women

"It's not suitable for girls to assert that they have complete autonomy over their bodies," Pakistani actor Javed Sheikh has criticised the slogan of the Aurat March, 'Mera Jism, Meri Marzi' (meaning My Body, My Choice)

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Renowned Pakistani actor Javed Sheikh criticised the slogan of the Aurat March, 'Mera Jism, Meri Marzi' (meaning My Body, My Choice), which has stirred up strong reactions among women and activists. In a conversation on the FHM Pakistan podcast hosted by Adnan Faisal, Sheikh unequivocally stated his disapproval of this slogan.


In a discussion with Faisal, the 62-year-old actor stated his respect for women but subsequently suggested that women should adhere to traditional gender roles.

The Podcast Details

Sheikh making it clear that he does not support the slogan, said, "It's not suitable for girls to assert that they have complete autonomy over their bodies."

The actor sharing his perspective on the matter said that Pakistan is an Islamic nation with people who have strong religious and family ties and therefore the slogan is incompatible with the cultural and religious values. The podcast host highlighted that the slogan is intended to acknowledge that everyone has the right to make decisions regarding their bodies.

Sheikh holds a differing view, expressing that he believes women possess distinctive qualities and should adopt a modest style of dress. He contends that a woman's modesty is conveyed through her clothing choices. He emphasised that everyone is entitled to their opinions, even as society becomes increasingly open to diverse lifestyles.

Regressive Stance In An Evolving World?


The actor began his argument by asserting his respect for women, but his subsequent remarks reveal a rather troubling perspective. He suggests that women should adhere to traditional gender roles and "behave like women."

This statement alone is a reflection of the deeply ingrained gender norms that continue to perpetuate discrimination against women in various parts of the world.

Sheikh's comment on women's 'modest' clothing not only objectifies women but also reinforces the dangerous idea that women are responsible for the actions of others. Such a perspective fuels victim-blaming and perpetuates the culture of shame that women have been struggling to break free from.

The role of influential figures in shaping public discourse is undeniable. Their opinions can sway the masses and influence perceptions. In this context, it is concerning that a figure like Jawed Sheikh is openly opposing a movement that advocates for women's rights and bodily autonomy. It is essential for public figures to be mindful of the impact their words can have and to use their platform to promote inclusivity, gender equality, and respect for individual choices.

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