Pak Women’s Football Team Does The Coolest Mannequin Challenge

Pakistan women's football team

Mannequin challenge has become a legit lit thing to do after a video of Ex-FLOTUS, Michelle Obama went viral. The following video to go viral is the one released by the Karachi United Women’s Squad doing the challenge while on the field.

In the 44-second video, each one of the football players is posing like a statue. It starts with a girl in upside down position, moving on to a girl balancing the ball on the backside of her neck, then to another team member just coolly balancing another ball on her chest. And the video goes on like that until it reaches the end where a girl is holding the ball on her leg like she will kick it as soon as she gets done with the challenge.

Pakistan women's football team

Karachi United- Women’s squad

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It shows the various aspects of the game with a background song – Rae Sremmurd’s Black Beatles, featuring Gucci Mane. The song is specifically chosen for this challenge and is a constant in all the videos that have surfaced.

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The Pak women’s football team created quited a buzz in the online world with 1,52,000 views and counting in merely three days. It has been shared over a thousand times, people are liking, reacting and commenting on the video.

Though the video has become immensely popular, we can never really do away with sexist pricks in society who are first ones to comment on young girls’ videos.

Some of the comments directly targeted the dignity of these women who are doing a simple challenge, some questioned the dress they are wearing in the video because, duh! Who wears shorts and a T-Shirt while playing a sport? And some went one step ahead to question a girl’s exercise position and judged her to be a part of a strippers’ club — I mean who are you trying to insult here? The girl or the strippers, who earn a living by performing in a club?

These sexist and patriarchy-reeking comments aside, the video is the epitome of cool and these girls just appear so confident while performing the challenge, it is empowering! Cannot be more proud of being a girl.

Picture credit- Hotchpotch Post