“Pages out of my life”: Standing on an Apple Box by Aishwaryaa R Dhanush

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+Director, dancer, UN Women’s Goodwill Ambassador and now a writer, Aishwaryaa R Dhanush has written her first book which gives us a peek into the life of a celebrity child and how it is like. She told SheThePeople.TV that it is a book about her life and certain episodes from it and not an autobiography. Basically, it is a memoir. Of course, it has a lot of Rajnikant in it — not as an actor but as a father and how he has had an impact in her life, including the other men, her husband Dhanush and two sons.

During her book launch in Delhi, She talked about the pre-conceived notions that people have about being the child of a superstar and yet she said that her father has brought her up to be an independent person. She mentioned that her life has been guarded and initially, she may not have understood why it was so because in her childhood, her father’s stardom, fame and the knowledge about it was kept away from her. But as she grew up, she values it and has applied it in her parenting as well.

“My kids are only allowed to watch their father’s or grandfather’s films, besides animated movies. In fact, they hardly know about any star other than their father and grand-father. This is deliberate. I don’t want them to limit themselves with this profession. Because, that should not happen by default, but out of interest. I would love to see them become a scientist for that matter,” she says.

The book has anecdotes from her life like when she turned 18, she wanted to bring in her birthday in a discotheque. When she told Rajnikanth about it, he packed all the friends and family in eight cars and took them to a disc. When they arrived, bouncers had to come in to escort them in and this led to a stampede. In about 15 minutes of them getting to the disc and seeing all the chaos, Rajnikanth asked her if they could leave. About her 18th birthday, she said, “That was the best birthday, I ever had.”

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Aishwaryaa began her career as an assistant director and then went on to direct her first film in 2012. At a young age of 22, she married Dhanush, who is younger to her and she credits him for getting ready to marry her at such a young age and at a time when he had not become a star. She feels proud that Dhanush never used her father’s name and fame to get where he is in his career.

“Dhanush has been a fan of my father since his childhood. They share mutual respect for each other. Also, the fact that Dhanush made it big on his own and not because he is someone’s son-in-law is something my father deeply admires,” she says.