One-Fifth Of Indian Women Are Overweight: Study

According to a survey conducted by National Family Health Survey, one-fifth of all Indian women in the age-group 15-49 are overweight.

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Are you of the view that the growing population and pollution are the only two threats India is facing? It is time to burst the bubble. According to a survey conducted by National Family Health Survey, one-fifth of all Indian women in the age-group 15-49 are overweight.


The health survey also shows that 31.3 per cent or almost a third of urban women obese, while 15 per cent of rural women are overweight.

What is leading to rising obesity among women?

SheThePeople.Tv spoke to Kanika Arora, a nutritionist based in North Delhi, about the severity of the problem.

"I wasn't surprised seeing the results. This is the outcome of women's sedentary lifestyle. They hardly take care of themselves. In young girls, the academic pressure to excel is so high that their health suffers a major setback. In older women, domestic responsibilities can take a toll on their health. Whatever the reasons be, neglecting one's health can have some serious repercussions."

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Blame women's obsession with technology for this


"I can't even explain how furious I get when I see women sitting for hours glued to their cellphones. There is absolutely no physical activity involved. Technology has enslaved people. They must not forget that it was introduced for our convenience and not for wasting precious time on it," she added.

The panacea for obesity

"I come across so many clients who ask for solutions to keep their weight in check. I tell them one thing. A healthy diet comprising fresh fruits, vegetables and pulses is all they need. Avoid your intake of sugary items. Drink as much water as you can.

You can't gorge on oily potato chips every other day and expect to stay healthy

She also expressed her discontent over the fact that not many women are willing to wake up early for their health. "When I tell my clients that the one thing that can really turn their around is the practice of waking up early and going for a walk, they just don't listen. Our bodies function in a certain way. There is a rhythm to everything. You cannot disrupt your body's clock and then crib over your frail health. You have to mend your ways and develop good habits."

With more and more women entering the workforce and taking up big challenges in their lives, it is equally important for them to look after their own well-being.


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