NSD Guest Professor 'Molests' Student During Exam

Poorvi Gupta
Aug 04, 2018 13:38 IST
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A student of National School of Drama has accused a guest professor of inappropriately touching her in the prestigious institute, police said on Saturday. The woman filed a complaint saying that the professor, who had come to conduct an examination, allegedly misbehaved with her.


The guest teacher had asked her to perform a scene. While enacting, he touched her inappropriately, a senior officer said, Outlook reported. He added that the guest professor is 62 years old and a retired professor. An FIR has been lodged against the professor.

Of late, many students are opening up about their traumatic experiences with male professors. Another case that happened a few months back and is under trial is that of sexual harassment at Jawaharlal Nehru University. Not one but around 10 female students reported sexual abuse by JNU professor Atul Johri.

The guest teacher had asked her to perform a scene and while enacting, he touched her inappropriately


Earlier in January, Police had book a Delhi University North Campus college professor for allegedly molesting and harassing a student. The woman filed a complaint at the Maurice Nagar police station. In her complaint, she alleged that the professor would stare at her and often wink during classes.

“He told me I am looking hot and sexy. Then he touched me inappropriately and tried to come closer to me,” the woman alleged in her complaint.

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These horrifying cases of molestation and sexual violence in colleges across India gave way to a Name and Shame list curated by a law student, Raya Sarkar, who is currently based in the US. She collated all first-hand and second-hand experiences of college student who either study in a college or have graduated. She has made a Google document of over 70 professors. While the list received mixed reviews from feminists across India—some who stood by Sarkar’s effort while some others denounced it. One thing is clear, there is a need of stricter accountability of professors.

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