Now, Transgender People Can File Income Tax Returns Online

Kerala govt fund Transgender Sex change

In yet another progressive move, transgender people can now file their tax returns online if they have Aadhaar cards.

All they have to do is submit their Aadhaar numbers while filing IT returns, according to a letter issued by the principal commissioner of Income Tax (Puducherry) Jahanzeb Akhtar, Hindustan Times reported.

With two days to go before the March 31 deadline to file I-T returns, this is a welcome decision.

Transgender people thus have equal rights with other citizens of the country. The income tax department has made it mandatory for people to provide their Aadhaar number while e-filing their tax returns.

The decision is significant as earlier the website had not considered Aadhaar numbers of many transgender persons until now

“Changes for incorporation of the third gender identity have been made in the online income-tax return filing facility in the e-filing portal. Necessary changes in the CPC-ITR have also been effected,” it reads.

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However, while most transgender persons have Aadhaar cards that reflect ‘transgender’ as the gender, PAN only accepts ‘male’ and ‘female’ during the application. So the community suffers with a gender assigned card at birth, and a total different name, identity than the one on their Aadhaar cards. Hence, the mismatch and trouble while filing income tax returns.

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Reshma Prasad, a transgender woman and activist based in Patna, said: “While it is good that we can now file IT returns, the larger issue remains that I don’t have a PAN card in transgender identity. This is a real problem for our community.”

She confirmed that she did manage to link her PAN card and Aadhaar card while e-filing IT on Thursday (March 30).

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Finally, some good news to celebrate gender inclusion!

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