#NotAllMen Took Twitter by Storm: Here’s Why

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After the horrific New Year’s Eve incident in Bengaluru, where women were molested by mobs of men, some men took it upon themselves to point out that ‘not all men are the same’, which led other users to retaliate against their so-called inane views.

The New Year’s Eve incident had caused a massive outpouring of rage on social media, fuelled by the fact that Karnataka’s Home Minister G Parameswara had also commented that youngsters just want to copy Westerners, in not just their mindsets, but also their way of dressing. “These kinds of things happen,” he said.

But some men spoke out, saying that all #NotAllMen are the same.

“Yes blame all men bcoz ‘ALL RAPIST ARE MEN’. But u can forget that #NotAllMen r rapist” said another post.

And then this turned into an outright Twitter war, with many criticising the inane nature of these mens’ comments.

“Saying #NotAllMen makes the conversation about men instead of the epidemic level of violence against women, and that’s just wrong,” said one post.

What happened in Bangalore was not about not all men being rapists, but about women’s safety, one user said. The debate isn’t about righteous men, she said.

To which, the reply she got was:

What can we expect if the state’s Home Minister also thinks along these lines.

Men, who were claiming their so called innocence, show how completely unaware they are about issues surrounding women’s safety. Saying not all men isn’t enough. All men must acknowledge this problem and not shy away from the reality of the situation and the responsibility they have as members of society towards preventing further such incidents.

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