In August this year, Saumya Tandon said that she was quitting the show Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain! Soon there were rumours that Shefali Jariwala might replace her as Anita Bhabhi, the character Tandon played in the show.  Jariwala in a recent interview clarified that “the makers have not even approached” her for the role.

Bollywood news site SpotboyE quoted Jariwala saying, “I do not know from where the rumours started. I wish I would have known. I would have stopped them, then and there. I have been clarifying from my end that I am not replacing Saumya Tandon.”

Tandon on her exit

Earlier, in the interview, Tandon said that her decision to suddenly quit was “impractical” as she was leaving a stable job in an “established” show. She was a part of the show for five years. However, she also mentioned that she was not going to renew her contract with the comedy show. Adding that August 21 was the last day of her role as Anita Bhabhi, she explained, “Being employed and earning a regular income was not exciting enough any more. I want to do projects where there is scope for growth as an artist.”

Calling Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain  as her “comfort zone” Tandon said, “I will miss the entire team of ‘Bhabi Ji…’, but I have to push myself out of my comfort zone and take new risks in life.”

Shefali Jariwala clarifies speculations

The Kaanta Laga star, Jariwala made headlines during Bigg Boss 13 last year. The actress further stressed that “though it’s a great character to play but makers ne mujhse koi bhi baat nahi ki hai. Baat to tab hogi jab makers se kuch baat hogi, koi negotiation hoga. Kuch hua hi nahi hai (The makers have not approached me yet, and there have been no talks at all. Nor there have been any negotiation. Nothing confirmed yet.). So, I really don’t know from where all these rumours started. Isme koi sachai nahi hai (Rumours are not true).”

When asked if she thinks that she is perfect for the character just like her fans do, the actress said, “I should definitely take that as a compliment. Saumya has done a phenomenal job and it is going to be difficult for anyone to step in her shoes. However, the fact that people thought I could play the character is humbling and I am thankful to them.”

The producer of the comedy show, Binaifer Kohli, had earlier refuted the rumour saying that she hasn’t spoken to Jariwala about this at all. Read the full report here.

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