Not Just Bengaluru, Delhi Girls Molested Too On New Year’s Eve

delhi molestation

After Bengaluru’s mass molestation on New Year’s Eve, a video from Delhi about a mob following a girl on a bike and then molesting her the same night has also gone viral. The incident happened in Delhi’s Mukherjee Nagar. The video shows that men who molested the girl also destroyed public property like barricades and blocked vehicles.

When the police tried to interfere in the matter, the mob thrashed them as well, injuring them. It has been speculated that the men were drunk and they attacked the women personnel of the police who got injured.

They damaged the first response vehicle and a police chowki of the Delhi Police.

“We were standing at the barricade when we saw two people, including a woman, coming on a bike. There were some 200 drunk men around and they tried to stop the bike and tried grabbing the girl. We intervened and helped the girl get away. We caught two men,” constable Anil Kaushik told News 18.

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He added, “The drunk boys then came back with friends from a nearby restaurant and started pelting stones. We were few in number, so we retreated to the Batra chowki. They then attacked the chowki and forced their way in to rescue their friends. They beat us with rods. Several women cops were injured by them too,”

Bystanders revealed that the men were touching the woman’s shawl and passing comments, reported HT.

Delhi Police has got hold of the video. But it cannot be judged just yet if the footage is authentic. “We have accessed the video recording and will use them to identify the men. The investigation is on,” a police officer said.

There are about four or five videos uploaded of the video sharing website – YouTube. The police have registered a complaint against it and have begun the investigation.

Picture credit- Indian Express