Noida Cops To Take Tips From Delhi Police On Women’s Safety

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The recent surge in crime against women in Noida has become a major cause of worry for the Noida Police. They will soon be seeking advice from Delhi Police about the various safety measures that need to be devised to combat the problem.

After the heinous Nirbhaya gangrape incident, the Delhi Police had taken a slew of measures to ensure women’s safety in the city. These included formation of women and youth groups at the grassroots level to address the issue and lend support to distressed women. A women’s helpline was also launched for the same.

One of the measures is to develop a connect with women residents and visitors so that they feel free to register a complaint with the police

“We are planning to approach the Delhi Police to get their suggestions on women’s safety. After the December 16, 2012, gangrape incident, they had taken a number of steps to ensure women’s safety. These suggestions may help us in maintaining law and order in our area,” Suniti, superintendent of police (SP), rural, said.

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She added that the police have a number of strategies to address concerns regarding women’s safety. One of these is to develop a connect with women residents and visitors so that they feel free to register a complaint with the police.

The Noida Police is waiting for schools and colleges to reopen. Once that happens, they plan to hold meetings with teachers and students to help citizens become more comfortable with the police authorities. Also, the police have been advised to take women’s complaints on priority, and not make them wait. They have also been asked to use soft skills while conversing with women who approach them.

Consumption of alcohol is another challenge the Noida police is grappling with. They feel that it is a possible threat to women’s safety

“One problem we are dealing with consumption of alcohol in public places, which is a possible threat to women’s safety,” she said.

“Incidents of drunk men harassing women who are passing by have been reported several times. We want to stop such incidents and will be keeping tabs on people who drink in public places such as parks or on roads in cars,” Suniti said.

We hope these measures will help in curbing crime against women in the city.

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