No to surname change, say modern Indian women

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No to surname change, say modern Indian women

A recently conducted study by the famous matrimonial site, says that most Indian women prefer not to change their surnames nowadays. The matchmaking website formulated the survey to understand the changing social behaviour of single Indians aged 25 to 34.


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The website received a tremendous response of about 12500 people. The website asked the single women if they have any conditions in mind before saying yes to marriage, a staggering 71.3% voted in affirmative while 5.8% did not have any conditions and 22.9% needed time to think about the matter.

Most women opted that they wouldn’t like to change their paternally given surnames. These new age women, the faces of modern India wouldn’t appreciate dependency on their husbands and would like to earn their own buck. The study also noted that women like their husbands to take responsibilities of the bride’s parents and treat them as their own.

The website has championed in making heaven-made matches meet on earth and is now keen to understand the evolution taking place in a woman’s personality. Indian woman is moving forward towards empowerment and these small changes are contributing towards a bigger transformation.

To think about it, it’s been quite a while that women have stopped changing surnames. The revolution started with film actresses keeping their original surnames even after marriage. The trend just gained velocity from there and reached the common women. And now, women are liberating much beyond that and gaining independence in their choices and decisions.

Source- Times of India

Picture Credit- Maharani Weddings

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