No Jeans, Mobiles For Girls In This Village

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At a time when our country is surging ahead in all spheres thanks to the digital boom, some villages still seem to prefer to be in the stone age, wanting to keep modernization at bay. On Sunday, a village in Aligarh banned girls from using mobile phones and wearing jeans and T-shirts. If you ask the Mahapanchayat of that village what the reason is for formulating such rules, they will give you an illogical answer.

According to Nekram Chaudhary, president of the 28 members’ council, the “unanimous” decision was made in presence of 200 people who had gathered at the Mahapanchayat in Fatehgarhi village in Khair tehsil of Aligarh, as reported by TOI. The village has a voting population of 2,000.

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While Prime Minister Narendra Modi is introducing Indians to mobile wallets, this small village is formulating bizarre rules which counter the use of mobiles and target girls who are dressed in jeans and T-shirts. According to the Mahapanchayat, such clothes are against Indian tradition and should be banned completely. Chaudhary also affirmed that if the girls are caught disobeying the rules, their parents would be punished. However, the exact punishment has not been decided.

The Mahapanchayat will also impose fines for consumption of liquor or gambling.

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A similar case was reported earlier this year when the panchayats of Basauli village in Gonda block of Iglas tehsil, Aligarh, had banned girls from using mobile phones.

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While certain temples don’t allow women to enter at all, the Jain temples in Bhopal have banned the entry of women in jeans. Even Delhi’s Hindu College women’s hostel recently chalked in rules which states that it is mandatory for girls to ‘dress according to the norms of society’, which led to a protest from students and teachers.

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