“Have Filed For Annulment,” Nikhil Jain Reacts After Nusrat Jahan’s Statement About Separation

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Nikhil Jain on Wednesday reacted to Nusrat Jahan’s statement about their marriage and separation, saying he has filed for an annulment in Kolkata, West Bengal.

Jahan, Trinamool Congress MP, in an explosive statement made earlier in the day claimed her 2019 marriage to Jain was not valid in India since they had tied the knot as per Turkish Marriage Regulation. The validation of their marriage in India under the Special Marriage Act, she says, did not happen. More of what her statement said.

“These are legalities, I don’t really want to comment on anything she’s said because the matter is sub judice in court. I have filed a civil suit in Kolkata and I will not comment on it till it is in court,” Jain told India Today

“I have filed for an annulment in Kolkata, we have been separated since November last year,” he adds.

Nikhil Jain Refrains From Comment, Jahan Alleges Mishandling Of Finances In Statement

In a revelatory statement on June 9, Jahan alleged, “In the past, details of all family Accounts were handed over to him, upon his requests and none of me or my family members was aware of any Instructions given to the Bank via. Our Accounts. He has also been mishandling my funds from various accounts.”

31-year-old Jahan further addressing rumours of financial mismanagement on her part says expenses for her travel and her sister’s education have been borne by her with proof to show. “The one who claims to be “rich” and “been used by me” has been taking money from my Account,” she claims. More here.

Recently, HT Bangla shared pictures of Nusrat Jahan flaunting her baby bump. The pictures doing rounds on the internet seem to confirm the pregnancy rumours.