In A First, Nickelodeon Represents LGBT+ Character By Casting Transgender Teen In ‘Danger Force’

Danger Force
Nickelodeon to cast openly transgender teenager in live-action series Danger Force. The role will be awarded to Sasha Cohen (he/him) who has now stated himself to be the ” role model who has the ability to put themselves out there.”

The Nickelodeon network made its debut of allying with the LGBTQ+ community by breaking the 44-year-old history of no queer representation. The 13-year-old actor who has bagged the role has also co-written and directed the special episode, as reported by Variety.

“I had never felt comfortable about who I am, and I always thought that I would never play a transgender role,” Cohen said, “But there are so many kids out there who need to see someone like them — a role model who has the ability to put themselves out there.”

A separate actor from the show, Michael Dwayne Cohen acknowledged the representation and said that he wants Sasha to see “his own power as an actor and as a human”. He added that he wants Cohen to feel proud of his achievements and find confidence in himself.
“He will help change kids’ lives by being the first kid of trans experience on Nickelodeon in live action.”

Dwayne, who was assigned female at birth, himself transitioned to male two decades ago. He has his own foundation, launched in 2020, that aims at supporting trans and nonbinary youth who wants to obtain a career in acting.

Sasha Cohen got selected for the mentioned role with the help of the same foundation. He had to compete with 200 other applicants to make his way into the shortlisted 15 names.

The much-awaited episode is claimed to be a “home for all kids and to authentically represent them in their full diversity”

The episode which narrates a relatable story of friendship, openness and trust, is also called “inclusive and a reason to be proud” by Nickelodeon’s executive vice president Paul DeBenedittis.