New Star Wars Movie Has A Woman In Lead

Felicity Jones in Star Wars

The ‘Star Wars’ film is coming back with another offering — Rogue One: A Star Wars Story — and as the trailer went viral months ago, there was a clear feminist side to it.

Its leading character, a badass rebel named Jyn Erso is giving some of the fans a hard time to cope up with the fact that yet another woman will be leading the sky battles. Played by Felicity Jones (of The Theory Of Everything), Erso is the new protagonist, sitting in front and center, the key character added to the series. She is a criminal, to be precise.

While a majority reacted positively, some couldn’t believe that Disney had cast two female leads in a row.

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So why it is unacceptable if the lead in a Star Wars movie is a woman? Because the character is clearly meant to stand alone?