New Portal To Help Women Succeed Launched in NYC

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On May 16, a new portal was launched for women in New York City. Through Women.NYC, women can access the resources they need to achieve personal and professional success, reported Metro USA.

Women.NYC – Created by women for women

First Lady Chirlane McCray and Deputy Mayor Alicia Glen launched Women.NYC, designed to help women succeed in their careers. It aims to make New York City fairer for women. The initiative was created by women for women. It will help them navigate everything — finding jobs, running a business, education, parenthood and health.

McCray said the city cannot continue successfully if women cannot succeed in it. She is also co-chair for the Commission on Gender Equity. The First Lady is hopeful that this will provide all the tools women need to succeed. She spoke about how power holds a different meaning for every woman. However, it gets better when every woman can tap into her power.

“Women have waited long enough for equal pay, power and respect. In New York City, we aren’t going to wait any longer. That’s why we are launching Women.NYC,” – Deputy Mayor Alicia Glen

To encourage women to use their power, ad campaign videos are streaming all over NYC, with motivating messages. The ads read, “We know you can do it alone, but you don’t have to,” and “You have a plan. We have the tools.” These mean to inspire women to share their career journeys with other women by using the hashtag #NYCPowerMove.

Interestedly, in future, Women.NYC will feature workshops and new programs to enhance the initiative’s mission. At the launch, Deputy Mayor Glen spoke more about the portal. She said women will now have trusted tools, all in one and easy-to-navigate. Considering that NYC is already the best city in the world for women, they aim do make it even better through this.

NY City, which has the highest number of women CEOs and the smallest wage gap in the country, aims to improve conditions for those who aren’t aware about all resources and protections provided to them. Could not be a more thoughtful and empowering move by the governance. 

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