#Paymetoo: UK Women MPs Campaign To End Pay Gap

#PayMeToo End Pay Gap

British women now want to take the #MeToo movement beyond assault and sexual harassment and move towards achieving equality in pay.

A group of female MPs in the UK is working to step up the process of pay equality. They have joined hands to launch a campaign that urges employers to publicly publish details of their gender pay gap, reported TOI.  Labour MP Stella Creasy is leading the campaign #Paymetoo which is strongly being backed by female MPs from all other political parties in the UK.

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Revelation of pay gap

The campaign aims to assist women in persuading their bosses to end gender pay disparities in their companies. This campaign comes conceivably at the appropriate time.  The new legislation imposes a legal deadline, requiring companies with more than 250 employees, to publish details of their gender pay gap.

Apart from the public sector data already available, the companies have to reveal their numbers by midnight on April 4. The Equality and Human Rights Commission will impose hefty fines on the companies if the fail to abide by the deadline. On Friday, data from the public sector revealed that nine out of ten companies pay men more than women. Also, on an average, women receive 14% less.

Campaign agenda

A website for #PayMeToo was launched on Monday, April 2, considering the shocking revelations of huge pay gaps between men and women working at the same workplaces. The campaign urges employees to discuss their pay with their coworkers and find out about the levels of disparity. Also, it motivates women to speak to their bosses and colleagues regarding the need to tackle gender pay gaps. The campaign is advising women to join a trade union and set up a women’s network at work.

The MPs are asking women to take part in a survey. They believe, it will keep them informed. Also, it will help tackle gender pay gap.

MP Stella Creasy told The Guardian:

Women are already telling us that they are being told not to ask difficult questions about this for fear of affecting their careers and we want to be clear that trying to silence employees isn’t the right response.”

“Every woman has her own story of pay discrimination, including me – now they need to know they have MPs ready to listen to them and act,” she added.

She stated – “If we are serious about tackling the gender pay gap, then we have to do more than publish data — we have to show we’re watching what happens next.”

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Disparity floating everywhere

Earlier in January, Carrie Gracie, BBC China editor, blasted her employer for adopting a secretive and illegal pay culture. Also, beyond British companies, data requirements have revealed shocking information regarding UK arms of major American firms. Few pay gap examples include Google’s 16%, Facebook’s 9.9%, Microsoft’s 8.4% and Johnson & Johnson Limited’s 15.8%.

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