Small Acts Of Service: Netizens Applaud Man Helping Wife Before Exams

The video of a man helping his wife before exams shared by their daughter is going viral on the internet as netizens call it 'love in small things'

Shriya Sarang
Jul 03, 2021 15:06 IST
man helping wife ,Helping His Wife Before Exams
Man Helping Wife: A daughter shared a picture of her father who was helping his wife before exams. The picture instantly went viral for love being in the little things.

A Twitter user named Atulaa K shared a picture of her dad helping her mom before her language exams. In the picture, the man is seen drawing lines on paper. She wrote in the caption, "Mum has language exams this week and dad spends every morning margining her answer sheets and getting her 'pencil box' ready. Small acts of service = best love language don't @ me."

Many netizens appreciated the simplicity of her dad and the beauty of love being in the little things. The post has gathered a lot of attention since yesterday after it was shared. It has over five thousand likes and many more comments. Many people are appreciating the gesture of the man to help his wife, which often a rarity in Indian households. The couple was also termed as 'couple goals' by many users.

Some netizens wrote, "Wholesome" under the post while another one wrote, "Why ur mom can't draw the margin and get pencil box ready. A student needs to be self-prepared."

Another comment on the post also said that Atulaa's parents are serious examples for other people to look up to and wrote, "Now these are serious couple goals." A Twitterati commented saying, "How simple gestures matter what they mean. This is #loadedwithlove #CoupleGoals My pranams to your parents."

A user also called this post the most beautiful thing, "Most beautiful thing this is!" Another user recalled a sibling bond with his brother and wrote, "My brother does that for me during these online exams that I have at college."

"How sweet and kind of him :) #thelittlethings, " a Twitterati wrote. While some said that it is the 'cutest thing ive seen on the internet today'.

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