NCW Chief Rekha Sharma Says Congress Should Take Strict Action Against Kamal Nath

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National Commission for Women chairperson Rekha Sharma commented on Kamal Nath’s sexist slur on minister Imarti Devi where he called her an “item”.

Sharma said, “This is disgraceful for him (Kamal Nath). It shows the character of the person saying it. Instead of saying sorry, he is giving a useless explanation. His party should take strict action.” Further, she added, “It’s very demeaning & later, he said that he was reading from a list, I want to ask him, in the same list where was he standing? Which item he was?”

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Kamal Nath who is a senior member of the Indian National Congress member has been in the news following his comments on Devi, a Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) candidate. She is currently serving as the Minister of Women and Child Development in Madhya Pradesh. She has a political career spanning over two decades. Read more about it here.

On Tuesday, Rahul Gandhi condemned Nath’s remarks as “unfortunate” and said he does not appreciate the type of language used by the minister. He said,“Kamal Nath ji is from my party but personally, I don’t like the type of language that he used … I don’t appreciate it, regardless of who he is. It is unfortunate.”

Kamal Nath responded saying, “It is Rahul Gandhi’s opinion. I have already clarified the context in which I made that statement… Why should I apologise when I did not intend to insult anyone? If anyone felt insulted, I have already expressed regret.”

Imarti Devi broke into tears while talking about the incident. She said, “What’s my fault if I was born in a poor family? What is my fault if I belong to Dalits? I want to appeal to Sonia Gandhi, who is also a mother, to not keep such people in her party. If such words will be used for women then how can any woman move forward?” TOI reported.

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