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NCRB Report: 30% Rise In Sexual Abuse Cases In Shelter Homes

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As per the National Crimes Record Bureau’s (NCRB) annual “Crime in India-2018” report incidents of sexual harassment in shelter homes have increased by 30% in 2018 (over 2017). The report as cited by Hindustan Times, reveals as much as 707 incidents of sexual harassment were reported in 2018 in shelter homes in India.  There is a rise of almost 30% over the 544 such instances reported the previous year.

Key Takeaways
  • The number of sexual harassment incidents in shelter homes has increased by 30% in 2018.
  • Uttar Pradesh (288) has the maximum number of sexual harassment cases. Followed by Maharashtra (161), Andhra Pradesh (62), Madhya Pradesh (61) and Haryana (49).
  • The Crime in India 2018 report revealed 730 reports of sexual harassment incidents of women in public transport system.
  • It revealed 401 reports of harassment incidents at the workplace in 2018.
  • Uttar Pradesh (299) has the most cases of sexual harassment in public transport.
  • Maharashtra (159) had the second-highest number of such cases. Then followed by Karnataka (64) and Madhya Pradesh (60).
  • There were 126 acid attacks on 131 women in 2018, 26 of which were unsuccessful.

Sexual Abuse in Shelter Homes

The investigation of 2018 shocked the country when reports of the sexual abuse of young women in a Muzaffarpur (Bihar) shelter were uncovered. The case was shifted to a Delhi trial court by the Apex Court and is being investigated by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI).

On Wednesday, CBI informed SC that charges filed in at least 13 out of 17 cases about abuse in shelter homes in Bihar.  The Muzzafarpur case is included in this data. According to the report, the maximum number of cases of abuse in shelter homes are registered from UP. Figures show 288 cases alone from UP, followed by Maharashtra (161). The other statistics are from Andhra Pradesh (62), Madhya Pradesh (61) and Haryana (49).

In contrast, not a single incident of shelter home abuse from Bihar has made it to this 2018 NCRB report. Even though 17 cases from that year are being probed by the CBI. An NCRB official said that many states either usually don’t share the information or delay it due to which relevant data remains missing.

Advocate Fauzia Shakil, appearing in the SC for petitioner Nivedita Jha in shelter home sexual abuse cases, said: “The extent of the exploitation and the gravity of the heinous offences committed against the hapless inmates has demonstrated the perverted criminal roles of officers (state government officials) entrusted with the safety of these girls. The CBI investigation in the 16 other shelter homes and the charge sheets filed by them subsequently shows that the discovery of the crimes in the Muzaffarpur horror house was only the tip of the iceberg. If anything, it confirms that the problem is an epidemic,” to HT.

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 Sexual Harassment in public transports and acid attacks faced by women

The Crime in India report of 2018 reveals 730 reports of sexual harassment incidents faced by women in public transport. The second sphere where women faced harassment is in the workplace, 401 such reports were filed. Previously in 2017, the numbers were 599 and 479 respectively.

Uttar Pradesh had the most number of reports from women harassed in public transports with 299 cases. The second highest cases are from Maharashtra (159), then Karnataka (64) and Madhya Pradesh (60). Along with that, there were even 126 acid attacks on 131 women in 2018. Also, there were 26 unsuccessful attempts to murder or cause harm to women. Charge sheets were filed in 90 cases of acid attacks in 2018 and 100 were filed the year before.

317 cases of the acid attack were pending trial in courts in 2018 in comparison with the 229 in 2017. In 2018, 13 people were arrested in these cases were acquitted whereas 30 were acquitted in 2017. Acid attacks lie under section 326A of the Indian Penal Code, the culprit is to get 10 years in prison. The punishment can be extended to life imprisonment.

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