Nagpur: Transgender Activist Vidya Kamble Joins National Lok Adalat

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Nagpur: Transgender Activist Vidya Kamble

For her exemplary work Vidya Kamble, a transgender activist, has been facilitated as a member of the judicial panel at a National Lok Adalat conducted in Nagpur.


Kamble (29) is a true believer of equal right and says, “the society should not discriminate against the LGBT community and rather support such people.” She is now a part of the panel which comprises a sitting or a retired judge, a lawyer and a social activist.

Kamble has spent 10 years working as a social activist for her community. She is the first transgender to be a panel member of the Lok Adalat in the state, district legal aid committee secretary Kunal Jadhav claimed.

On Kamble's inclusion in the Lok Adalat panel, Jadhav said, "Many of these people are well educated. They should be recognised by the society. People do not accept them easily or employ them," adding that the society must wake up and recognize these people for their hardship.

The activist sat through a panel of the Lok Adalat held in the Nagpur's district court on Saturday. On asking her about being a part of the Lok Adalat, she beamed with pride and said, "The (other) members of the panel were very supportive. The secretary of the district legal aid committee gave me the opportunity to be a part of the panel.”

“The panel resolved several disputes, including a Rs 19 lakh claim settlement between an insurance company and a medical insurance policy-holder,” Kamble told PTI.

"For the last nine days, I was involved in verification of cases (that were listed for the Lok Adalat). We were able to settle a case where a girl got her medical insurance claim of Rs 19 lakh," Kamble said.


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Showing her support towards the community, she asked, "If a child is born with a disability, he/she is not neglected or thrown out, then why transgenders are rejected?"


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Talking about the struggles the community faces, she explained that when a transgender person is ostracised by the family, there’s high possibilities that the person would go to the wrong way.

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