My wedding stop me from voting? Don’t think so!

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The polling booths in the south were witness to some rare sights on election day, as brides walked in, in their full traditional attire, to cast their votes. In Pallapalayam, Samalapuram, Tamil Nadu, a bride entered the booth,  apparently right after her marriage ceremony to exercise her right , as reported by ANI.  The woman seeming to be in her early 20s voted despite the fact that it was her wedding day. She was dressed in a yellow saree, adorned with gold jewellery, with a white garland and gajra.

Tamil nadu bride casts vote

From the wedding straight to the polling booth: The Tamil Nadu Bride( Picture Credit: ANI)

Another woman was seen resting her leg as she had arthritis after casting her vote. The woman called Kala was oblivious after seeing the EVM list which had many candidates listed down. “I panicked, dunno what I hit,” said Kala to journalist Rohini Mohan who tweeted a picture of Kala.

And in the nearby state of Kerala, 25 year old Anu decided to drop in to cast her vote for the very first time on the way to her marriage ceremony. As per her own admission, she came straight from the parlour to the polling booth in Thiruvananthapuram.


Vote first, marry later: Anu from Thiruvananthapuram ( Picture Credit: thenewsminute, Screengrab ndtv)

As the day ended, the voting figures reflected 71 percent polling in Kerala, 69.19 in Tamil Nadu and 81.94 percent in Puducherry. No doubt, women like we mentioned above had a fare share to do with the percentages. Never to busy to vote seems to be the message.

Feature Image Credit: bgr.in