Muslim Yoga Teacher’s House In Jharkhand Pelted With Stones

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Rafia Naaz, a Muslim Yoga teacher in Jharkhand, was targeted by a group of unidentified assailants in the Hatia area. They had pelted her house with stones because she teaches yoga.

Naaz had informed the Ranchi Senior Superintendent of Police about getting threats. Following this, security was increased at her house. But even after increased security, the community members still threw stones at her house.

Naaz started getting threats after she shared the stage with yoga guru Baba Ramdev. She had performed yoga on stage in the city without a hijab

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Two quick response teams have been stationed near Naaz’s house and police personnel have added security for her family. The police are investigating the matter.

Naaz said that she has received a lot of threats from people telling her to stop teaching yoga.

“I am a well-wisher. You being a Muslim girl should be ashamed of yourself. How can you perform on the stage without hijab?” a man, identified as Faiz Ullah, messaged her.

Naaz said that despite the threats, she will continue teaching and that yoga has nothing to do with religion. She says she has earned her living through yoga and has even won awards in the field.

“They cannot snatch my rights. I thank the state government for the security,” she added.

“When a person goes to the pharmacy to buy medicines, do they ask whether the medicine is made by a Hindu or a Muslim?” Naaz asked

The threats have been going on for three years, she said.

”From Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan to Saudi Arabia so many Muslims practice Yoga. It is an exercise which is good for mental and physical wellness,” said Baba Ramdev in response to the incident.

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Picture Credit: Reuters