Muslim Women Have Won First Step With Triple Talaq Verdict: Trupti Desai

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Bhumata Brigade chief, Trupti Desai, has hailed the August 22 Supreme Court verdict holding Triple Talaq unconstitutional.

Speaking to SheThePeople.TV, Desai says, “Triple Talaq is an unjust tradition and Muslim women have been protesting against it for many years now. I feel that this decision by the SC is the first step of victory for Muslim women.”

The landmark judgment comes after protests and debates between women’s groups and the All India Muslim Personal Law Board, which opposed the ban.

The bench, headed by JS Kehar, has announced a six-month ban on Triple Talaq. Three out of the five-judge bench comprising—Kehar, Justice Kurian Joseph, Justice Rohinton Fali Nariman, Justice Uday Umesh Lalit and Justice S Abdul Nazeer—have opted out of Triple Talaq. It is now giving this time to the government to formulate a law against its practice.

Desai has faith in the ruling government and says, “It will make a rule in favour of women.”

She adds that instant Talaq has no connection with the Holy Quran.

“It was actually a tradition of bias where men could divorce their wives by just saying the term thrice, while women couldn’t. The judgment has now cleared the bias. It forms a basis to analyse situations, not just for the current generation of women but also the coming generations.”

On the verdict’s implementation in rural areas, Desai says, “The judgment has to be followed by everyone. And until the law is made, we cannot estimate the effect of the ban in rural areas and villages.”

No change in men’s mindset

She says Bhumata Brigade had gone to some areas in Maharashtra that are exclusively inhabited by Muslims. “They asked the women how they are feeling about the ban but their husbands were trying to stop them from talking about it. So the mindset of men is still the same. To tackle this, women of all faiths and religions need to come out and fight against the patriarchal attitude,” says Desai.

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