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Ms. Monopoly, The New Game Where Women Make More Money

Ms. Monopoly

Introducing Ms. Monopoly, Hasbro’s latest launch of its mass favourite board game. But there’s a twist! One of America’s most popular board games has now got a makeover — the upgraded game will have new rules, kickass property trading and currency blasts, especially manufactured for women. Hasbro is debuting a new game celebrating women’s empowerment. According to the company, female entrepreneurs and inventors are now not only celebrated but paid more than men in Monopoly. “The first game where women make more than men,” Ms. Monopoly game states. Hasbro says it will feature a new game-host character for the first time in Monopoly’s history, The Washington Post reported.

In the game, which is launching in stores from September 10, not only will female players get more money than men, Ms. Monopoly will wear a blazer, hold a coffee and stand with her hand on her popped hip.

If you are aware of the rules, unlike the classic game, this new game spreadheads with the banker giving $1,900 in Monopoly money to female players and $1,500 to each male, reported USA Today. “With all of the things surrounding female empowerment, it felt right to bring this to Monopoly in a fresh new way,” Boswinkel said. “It’s giving the topic some relevancy to everyone playing it that everybody gets a turn, and this time women get an advantage at the start.”

It’s “a fun new take on the game that creates a world where women have an advantage often enjoyed by men,” the company said in a statement.

“But don’t worry, if men play their cards right, they can make more money too,” Hasbro added in the statement.

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“When players pass go, women again get the upper hand — receiving $240 to the men’s $200. Investments in real estate from the original game have been replaced by investments in innovations made by women, such as bulletproof vests, WiFi, chocolate chip cookies and ladies’ modern shapewear,” reports quote.

The only difference is instead of buying property, players will invest in inventions created by women — things like Wi-Fi and chocolate chip cookies.

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This new game promotes a gender balance among young generation. Modern workplaces learn a few basic lessons on pay equality and how women contribute to the society. Boswinkel told USA Today, “It illuminates inventions, innovations and products that families probably use but perhaps don’t know were invented by women. It also provides a fun framework for a nuanced issue that, Hasbro hopes will prompt discussions about structural discrimination during family game night.”

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