MP Policeman Shoots At Woman, Kills Her Father Before Taking His Own Life

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Revenge crimes, especially in love affairs, are becoming very common these days. A Madhya Pradesh-based policeman barged into a woman’s home and shot at her and her family. The woman’s father died while she and her brother were severely injured. The policeman then took his own life by jumping in front of a speeding train.

The 25-year-old woman and her brother were rushed to the hospital, and their conditions are said to be critical. The policeman, identified as 26-year-old Subhash Kharadi, worked as a police driver in Dewas. He barged into Shivani’s home, shot and killed her father, Jakir Sheikh, 55, and injured her and her brother before fleeing from the scene. He was armed with a country-made pistol.

MP Policeman Shoots Woman

Before killing himself, Kharadi uploaded photos of himself and Shivani. He explained that he had killed her because she betrayed him, and he wanted to give her pain that she’d never forget. His mutilated body was found hours later on the railway tracks.

The police stated that this incident appeared to be the fallout of a failed love affair. The woman, Shivani, and her brother were initially rushed to a nearby hospital and then shifted to a hospital in Indore for better treatment.

The images obtained from the hospital showed the woman being carried into an ambulance with bloodied clothes while being shifted to Indore.

The district police chief, Yashpal Singh Rajput, said that further investigations are ongoing. Former sarpanch Sattar Khan said the police should make sure the case is immediately probed and justice is delivered.

Similar Case

Last week, a student at Shiv Nadar University in Greater Noida shot and killed his female classmate before shooting himself in a room at the boys’ hostel. The duo were allegedly in a relationship, and things had turned sour between them since last December. In a video taken before killing himself, the boy revealed that the girl “deserved to be punished.”

Why are men unable to handle failed relationships? What gives these men the entitlement to “teach the woman a lesson” or determine that “the woman deserves to be punished”? If these men had gone to the extent of killing or hurting the woman they claimed to be in love with, how does that even qualify as love?

Such incidents remind society of the amount of violence youngsters are exposed to. Educating them on relationships, consent, boundaries, sex education, and mental health is the need of the hour.

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