MP Man Axed And Buried His Wife And Children Caught After Two Months

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A man based in Madhya Pradesh allegedly killed his wife and two children and buried them under his house. He continued to live there for two months without raising any suspicion.

A man in Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh, has been accused of murdering his wife, seven-year-old son, and four-year-old daughter. He then buried their bodies in the compound of his house and continued to live there for two months without arousing any suspicion. The bodies were exhumed by the police in the presence of doctors and forensic experts on 22 january, Sunday evening.

MP Man Axed His Family and Buried Them At Home

  1. A 34-year-old man based in Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh, killed his wife and two children and buried them in the compound of his own house. He continued to live there for two months without arousing any suspicion.
  2. The accused has been identified as Sonu Talwade, age 34. He had allegedly killed them in first week of December 2022 and buried their bodies in the verandah of his house with the help of an accomplice, Bunty Kaithwa.
  3. The deceased include his spouse, Nisha Talwade, 32; son, Aman, 7; and daughter, Kushi, 4.
  4. Sonu Talwade had separated from his first wife 10 years ago, and Nisha Talwade had married him in 2014, though he hadn’t divorced his first wife.
  5. “Nisha Talwade had been pressuring him to divorce his first wife. The couple constantly had arguments over this. In the first week of December, the couple had another fight, during which Sonu Talwade killed Nisha Talwade and then killed both his children with an axe. After committing the murders, Sonu Talwade had called his friend Bunty Kaithwa to help him bury the bodies,” said Ratlam Superintendent of Police, Abhishek Tiwari.
  6. The incident came to light after neighbours realised that Nisha Talwade and the children had been missing for a long time. “The woman and her children went missing suddenly. Sonu used to come to the house occasionally. We informed the police, and they learned about the crime during the investigation,” said a neighbour.
  7. When the police questioned him about his missing family, Sonu Talwade admitted to killing them and buring their bodies.
  8. Sonu Talwade and his accomplice, Bunty Kaithwa, were arrested on 21 January.
  9. The exhumed bodies have been sent for forensic analysis.
  10. According to the SP’s statement, “the accused committed the crime with an axe. He confessed that he killed his family over a feud. We will conduct DNA tests and make sure the bodies are indeed those of the accused’s wife and children.”

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