In cities all across the country, robbers and petty thieves generally target women as they are considered weaker and timid. Some women however are discrediting this notion by fighting against these anti-social elements. These women, who have shown exceptional courage in fighting offenders and robbers, have often been reported to have taken a great personal risk.


To reward them and to encourage more women to take a stand and be courageous, Madhya Pradesh Jail and Home Minister Babulal Gaur have announced the launch of a scheme, through which such women will be awarded with ‘Shaurya Shastra’ (bravery weapon).


Home Minister Babulal Gaur told India Today, “Some women have displayed outstanding bravery and have set an example for others. A scheme to provide ‘Shaurya Shastra’ will soon be launched to honour braveheart women of the state. The women will be provided a dagger-like weapon. Directives have been given to the officers of the home department to launch the scheme.”


[Picture Courtesy: India Today]

One of these brave women from Madhya Pradesh includes Ekta Shrivastava, a resident of Danish Naga. Shrivastava along with foiling a robbery, also managed to nab and hand over one of the criminals to the police.


“So when we see these women raise their voices and move their feet and empower others to create change, we must honour them. Shaurya Shastra Yojana is being launched so that people acknowledge these women’s bravery and draw inspiration from them,” added the Home Minister, who also announced the launching of a book focusing on women like Shrivastava.