Anna Gunn. The name itself exudes power and confidence, and that’s what the Director and Producers of the film Equity thought too. Which is why the star of the hit television series Breaking Bad was cast as the lead in this high octane drama about the wheeling and dealing in Wall Street, a name that has become a synonym for one of the most influential markets of the world.

We have seen movies like Wall Street, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps and Wolf of Wall Street where the main protagonists are men who are top of their financial game, and make no bones about their dog eat dog attitude. So it’s about time that movies were made about the she-wolves of Wall Street. After all, a woman in power is such a rare sight on the silver screen. In the trailer, Gunn impresses us with her unapologetic love towards money and success as Naomi Bishop, a senior investment banker.  We watch her tackle rumors and controversies and be the badass 21st century woman, who is not afraid to talk about her ambitions and her dream of making it to the top without having to feel guilty about it. As she says in one scene ” I like money. I am so glad that it’s finally acceptable for women to sit and talk about ambition openly.”

Just like the men around them, these women are willing to break the rules if needed to “get the work done.”

“I like money. I am so glad that it’s finally acceptable for women to sit and talk about ambition openly”, says Bishop.

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Wall Street is no place for the faint hearted, and we all are aware of that. Women especially go through all kinds of discrimination and overcome these hurdles while trying to keep their head up high. In 1996, brokerage firm Smith Barney was charged with a sexual harassment suit, which famously came to be known as the ‘Boom Boom Room’ case. Mind you, this was not a fictional place, but a legitimate office in Garden City, New York where crude jokes and passes were made at the women colleagues. According to the report, a female plaintiff was sexually assaulted in the office and Smith Barney eventually had to pay a settlement of 150 million dollars.

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Equity aims to show the reality in this sector and doesn’t portray women to be “poor victims”. It just shows the characters who are a by-product of their environment and are doing what they need to survive and stay in the competition. Incidentally, the film which is set for a July 29th release in US, is directed by a woman, Indian-American director Meera Menon.

More power to women we say!

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