From Motherhood To Parenting Anecdotes, Writers Bare It All

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Women Writers' Fest Parenting

"Motherhood is the most ridiculous human experience," says Amee Misra, author of Stop Licking My Arm. She was speaking at a panel on "Motherhood as the definitive female experience in women’s writing" at the Women Writers' Fest in Delhi on 10th March. Aekta Kapoor moderated the event.


Misra went on to explain how humour comes naturally with motherhood. She further regaled the audience with some hilarious anecdotes of her own personal experiences accompanying motherhood.

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Natasha Badhwar, author of My Daughter's Mum, talked about her blog that she used to write before she went ahead with the idea of penning down this book.

She mentioned how through the blog she used to write, she would let go of one fear in every column. There is so much baggage that you carry, she shares.

On writing

Natasha emphasised why one should write with honesty because it you gives a lot of courage.


On parenting

Dr Shelja Sen, child and adolescent psychologist and family therapist, elaborated on how adults tend to operate in the world wearing masks, but children rip it off. "Parenting is about understanding yourself. If I understand worthiness, inadequacies, that teaches you mindfulness."

Talking about children, she said, "Children are not passive. They are changemakers. Our children have fresh perspective towards life. They have amazing wisdom."

Nazia Erum, author of Mothering a Muslim, explained that Muslim motherhood isn't different from any other motherhood.

"My book is not about Muslim children, but children in general." - Nazia Erum

She also talked about how the community imposes pressure on you to make your child more Muslim.

The panel culminated with a consensus among all the panellists that no one can really be a "good mother" and motherhood is an ongoing process.

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