More Women Taking Charge Of Their Travel Plans: Survey

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Indian women travel for various reasons. Business commitments, familial obligations, refreshing trips — the reasons are myriad. But the fact that they have started taking charge of their travel plans is a really good sign of progress. Yes! According to a survey conducted by OYO, a network of branded hotels, more and more women are taking the onus of their travel plans on their shoulders.

As per the survey results, over 50 per cent women would like to travel on an impulse. Interestingly, 63 per cent of women prefer to travel with their partners and 51 per cent women often stay at a budget hotel. And about 80 per cent women reported that they take charge of their travel plans, often in consultation with friends or family.

SheThePeople.Tv spoke to Vidya Deshpande, Founder Of Soul Purpose Travels, an experiential travel company for women, regarding the same.

“Women are very meticulous about planning and therefore, like to plan their travel too. As the survey shows, most of travel planning even for families is done by women. It is very empowering for women as the whole trip from planning to booking to execution is done by them. They are in charge and this gives a fillip to their leadership and planning skills. Women want to know the kind of place they are staying in, the facilities and what they will be doing on the trip.”

Shireen Mehra, Founder Of Women On Clouds, organizes women-only trips. She has seen a lot of empowerment among travelling women in many ways.

“We have had women who had never travelled solo before and were very nervous the first time.They decided to travel with us and it was a life-changing experience for them. A trip such as this helps them to reconnect with who they really are and helps them in being bolder and more confident in their lives.”

Women who travel suddenly rediscover their inner confidence and inner strength – Shireen Mehra

She adds that travelling helps women gain a new perspective altogether. It is like they are discovering their inner beauty. “After returning from such trips, some women have changed their looks and some have started their own travel companies.”

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