5 Things To Know About Trinamool’s Sujata Mondal Khan, Wife Of BJP MP Saumitra Khan

Saumitra Khan Divorce

Sujata Mondal Khan on Monday joined the Trinamool Congress in Bengal, four months ahead of the state’s assembly election to be held in 2o21. Her joining came as a surprising turn of events since Khan is the wife of BJP MP Saumitra Khan, and until last year, was campaigning alongside the ruling party from her husband’s constituency in Bishnupur, Bengal. Following news of her TMC joining, Saumitra Khan has reportedly stated that he will initiate divorce proceedings against her. Read more here.

Here are five things to know about Sujata Mondal Khan: 

1. Sujata Mondal Khan is the wife of Saumitra Khan, BJP’s member of Parliament from the Bishnupur constituency and the chief of BJP’s youth wing Yuva Morcha. Now with Trinamool, Mondal Khan was previously associated with the BJP alongside her husband, who was himself a TMC member.

2. 35-year-old Khan and her husband have been married for ten years now, according to reports. She was instrumental in leading him to victory in the 2019 election when his involvement in a criminal case barred him from entering his constituency. She is noted for single-handedly campaigning for her husband from BJP. 

3. About joining TMC, Khan opened up saying, “I want to breathe. I want respect. I want to be an able leader of an able party. I want to work with my beloved Didi… I hope he will realise one day… Who knows, he might be back in the Trinamool one day.”

4. Saumitra Khan, on the other hand, during a press meet stated that he would send a divorce notice to his wife. He was quoted saying, “This is my appeal to you to remove my surname ‘Khan’ from your name… They cut your power supply, there were threats of attack on you… Now you have joined hands with those who had harmed you in past.” Their relationship, he said, “has ended because of politics.”

5. India Today reports that following news of her TMC joining, Khan’s car and house security services at their Bishnupur residence have been withdrawn. Her husband meanwhile accused TMC of “breaking” his family.