Mother Refuses To Kill Daughter's Head Lice Because She's 'Vegan'

In a bizarre incident of veganism, a mom refused to take care of growing lice in her daughter's head due to cruelty concerns. Another mom shared te incident while the Internet had some mixed opinions.

Pavi Vyas
Aug 10, 2023 16:55 IST
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A woman on the Internet is being widely trolled and criticised by netizens as she refuses to kill lice in her daughter's head due to her choice of vegan lifestyle. While some were left in total disbelief, others trolled the woman.

The woman's neighbour shared about the incident as their daughters are best friends. She blasted her neighbour and shared her dilemma on an internet post about how she could save her seven-year-old daughter as well to prevent lice from getting infested in her hair as her daughter is best friends with the girl living next door whose mom refused to give her a decent lice treatment.

The woman expresses that she wants her daughter to be friends with the girl living next door, but she is concerned about her daughter's head getting infested by lice as well. In her post, she shared her daughter's friend, who is already infested by lice.

Mom Refuses To Kill Head Lice In Daughter's Hair Because She's "Vegan":


The woman revealed that she went to her neighbour to talk about her daughter's lice-infested condition, requesting that she give her child proper treatment so that it wouldn't be transferred to her daughter and other kids. However, to her surprise, she discovered that her neighbour was not only aware of her daughter's head condition but also refused to give her the proper treatment as "she does not want to kill a living thing as she is vegan."

The neighbor's mother says veganism is all about not killing a living thing. Not just the woman's jaw hit the floor, but her neighbour also shared how she took care of her daughter's head infested with lice, as the mother combs lice and nits in her daughter's head into their garden as they will have a "chance of survival" there.

The woman affirmed that she respected her neighbour's choices and even made her daughter, River, a special treat when she used to come over to play with her daughter, but she helplessly expressed that she is now compelled to be in the position of separating the two girls as she does not want her daughter's head infested with vermin.


The internet was left in disbelief by the bizarre incident. One user highlighted the question, Does the mother not realise that combing lice off the hair that gives them support is condemning them to a parched, slow death? While other users trolled the vegan mom, calling her "monster", "Nazi", and germicide,"

While mothers usually want to treat their child's hair infested by lice immediately as there is a high risk of reinfestation if left untreated, it might get dangerous and can damage the scalp, leading to inflammation of the scalp and hair loss, as lice are even said to be sucking blood from the scalp. What are your thoughts on this mother and her choices for her child?

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