Moina Memon On How Motherhood Gave Wings To Her Dream To Be A Writer

I am Moina Memon. I'm based in Chennai and this is my story of how I acknowledged my very being and started 'Mommy Mojo' - a parenting blog for mothers.

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Moina Memon
Motherhood has not only put me in touch with myself but has also given me a great subject to bring out my writing skills. As a mompreneur, it's a win-win situation for me, personally and professionally. I am Moina Memon. I'm based in Chennai and this is my story of how I acknowledged my very being and started 'Mommy Mojo' - a parenting blog for mothers.

Why I chose to write

I’ve always aspired to be a writer but never found a subject that I wanted to passionately write about until I became a mother. Motherhood made me turn into a resourceful person, who figured out a lot of things by reading online, meeting different people and creating a community of moms. I wanted to make this available to other moms.

I felt I could write effortlessly on topics related to parenting, kids and nurturing your own dreams. Thus, I took the plunge into writing about such subjects.

Why I chose to start ‘Mommy Mojo’

'Mommy Mojo' was actually a community project that I took up as a new mom in 2014 under the guidance of Landmark – where I did a three-day long curriculum for a living course that made me understand that I have to make big strides in making an impact in the community I live in. I chose the mom community because back then I was new to the role and I felt dearly about the subject. This also led me to create a Facebook group by the name of ‘Chennai Moms.’

Mommy Mojo is where my love for writing and a subject that I am passionate about came together. It’s a project close to my heart – I also named it Mommy Mojo because mojo means being in one’s element and doing what you love effortlessly.


What led to @InspirED Moms

As a parenting blogger at Mommy Mojo, I met several inspiring mothers in person and online. I decided to talk about them and acknowledge their contributions. I wanted to appreciate them for donning many hats, for raising babies and businesses, and for not forgetting their dreams in the chaos of motherhood. Thus, I decided to feature them on my blog. A dear friend who is also a well-known writer came forward to multiply the impact of this feature and thus InspirED Moms was born. We mutually focused on the project and hosted two big events in 2018 – the first one was a panel discussion among successful and veteran mom entrepreneurs and the second event was the festive edition where we brought families together to have a fun day, indulging in shopping, rejuvenation, eating and dancing.


The Mom Manifesto 2019

The Mom Manifesto 2018 is a goal-setting workshop for moms. I took help from Puja Puneet, a popular life coach in Chennai. In December 2018, during a chat with her, the idea of doing a goal-setting workshop for moms sprung up and I requested her to address my tribe on this subject. The impact of her session was profound and struck a great chord in the minds of the participants.

Maintaining a work-life balance between being a writer and painter, and following my passion for cooking and vegetable gardening.


Prioritising and planning work best when it comes to work-life balance. As moms, we do a lot of multi-tasking, even on a normal day. I sail in too many boats and I struggle a lot of times too.

The key for any mother is to realise she needs to attend to herself first, get her sanity in place so she can take on the day and make it a super productive one whilst juggling several chores, work assignments or a high-pressure job. She should also know that certain things are best delegated and build a support system which runs parallel to her work day.

What drew me to the canvas

I am an amateur artist and I was drawn towards art as a child. It came to me naturally and I had enough opportunity to learn more about it. I’d still call myself an amateur. I usually turn to the canvas to de-stress, focus and create something new. I love doodling with calligraphy and that’s been a habit which helps me brainstorm about various things.

There are significant ways in which men can help and support their wives in building their home in a more profound way so that an equal sense of participation can prevail, especially when it comes to raising children.


There are several ways in which a man can support his wife – addressing key issues like quality time with family and having a routine with the kids where the father takes over so that mother gets a break from pickups or drops from school as a daily activity. Fitting in chores in the daily routine helps in making the system and processes much clearer and more consistent.

Moina Memon Moina Memon

The role of social media in my journey

For me, as a parent, social media is a great resource of information, a platform to connect with moms and learn more about various topics on parenting, nutrition and women. It’s surreal that connecting with people has become so easy these days and there is some content everywhere on every topic – be it makeup, fitness or parenting. However, it is a double-edged sword. At times, I feel we spend way too much time on social media and heavily rely on inauthentic information. We need to know where to draw the line.

It’s surreal that connecting with people has become so easy these days and there is some content everywhere on every topic.

My inspiration

For me, inspiration comes from the ability to see the good in others. There is no perfect woman on this earth and we all struggle sometimes. However, each one of us has a different way of responding to problems and this is what inspires me. Over the course of time, we observe and learn. For me, the most inspiring woman I have ever known is my mom. Her spirit of entrepreneurship, hard work, and belief in religion and spirituality are inspiring to me.

When I meet people, I try to see if there is something, I can learn from them and how they do things differently from the way I do. I really look up to women who manage to keep it together with the chaos of work and home.

My advice to fellow mothers

I would say, do what you like and love what you do! And don't forget to keep at it. It might be a bit challenging initially – you might lose confidence and give up. So don't forget to persistently keep at it regardless of how you feel.

Interviewed by Bhawana Bisht.

Photo credits: Moina Memon

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