Daughter Of Kashmiri Pandit Killed In Srinagar Slams Terrorists For Cowardice

Who Is Shraddha Bindroo, ML Bindroo daughter
ML Bindroo Daughter Speech: Makhan Lal Bindroo, a well-known Kashmiri Pandit and owner of a pharmacy was allegedly shot dead by suspected militants in Srinagar on Tuesday. He was shot by assailants while he was working at his pharmacy around 7 pm, as per the police.

His daughter named Shraddha Bindroo spoke to media persons on Wednesday and slammed the culprits who killed her father. She said, ” My father was a Kashmiri Pandit, he will never die. Terrorists can only kill his body, my father will remain alive in the spirit.”

The emotionally charged-up daughter’s video challenging the terrorists to have a debate with her has been going viral on social media with many praising her for her bravery.

In the video, Bindroo is heard saying that her father made her an associate professor and her brother a famous diabetologist in Srinagar. Targetting the suspected militants, Bindroo said that they may have killed ML Bindroo but his family is still alive and so is his spirit.

Check out the video here:

The alleged incident took place near Iqbal Park in Srinagar at Bindroo Medicate. ML Bindroo was a 68-year-old who was among the few Kashmiri Pandits who did not leave Kashmir during the rising militancy in the area in 1990. He continued to stay with his wife and worked at his pharmacy.

After being shot, ML Bindroo was reportedly taken to a hospital where he was declared brought dead. As per reports, the doctors at the hospital said that the deceased had several injuries on his body. His death was confirmed via a tweet by a police officer.

Many on social media offered their condolences and condemned his killing. Omar Abdullah tweeted, “What terrible news! He was a very kind man. I’ve been told he never left during the height of militancy and remained with his shop open. I condemn this killing in the strongest possible terms & convey my heartfelt condolences to his family. God bless his soul.”

Feature Image Credit: NDTV