Miss World Australia Finalist Goes Live On Facebook About Rape

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Miss World Finalist

Australian model and Miss World finalist, Adau Mornyang went live on Facebook to reveal how she had been raped when she was a teenager. The hour long video has since gone viral. She says that she is protecting other girls by revealing the details of what happened to her. 


The model, who was born in South Sudan, but grew up in Australia, was attacked when she was 17 years old, in Adelaide by two men who were her friends. She said that there is a lack of respect towards women among young South Sudanese men.

She speaks about how girls in her community are sexualised.

"We are our own people, and this is our own body", she told the paper. "And if I don’t want you, if I say no to you — I should not be pressured into accepting to be with you or get involved,” she says. 

"I didn't feel like a woman. I felt so ashamed. I felt so useless, so worthless", she said breaking down in the heartfelt revelation," she says in the video.

She goes into every detail in the video, and says that she was so shocked because she had trusted the men who had raped her, they were her friends. She speaks about how the South Sudanese community always blames the woman when something like this happens, and how it is time for that to change.

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