Miss Universe Nova Stevens Reunites With Family After 21 Years

Nova Stevens
Miss Universe Canada 2020, and beauty queen Nova Stevens has finally reunited with her family in Ethiopia after 21 long years.

Stevens took to her official Instagram handle to share her happiness. “Words can’t explain how I feel right now. I’ll try my best to express all these emotions I’m currently embodying. It has taken me 21 years to reunite with my family. Being separated and living alone without my family has not been easy for me; neither has it been for them. My strength comes from my family, ” she captioned a video showcasing an emotional reunion.

Within the same post, Nova Stevens revealed how the bond between her and her family had never faded, despite her being away for 21 years. She said her parents had made a lot of sacrifices to send her to Canada, in order to safeguard her life and future.

Picture credit: Nova Stevens/ Instagram

Nova shared about feeling both happy and sad with her family reunion. She said that she was happy to finally see and embrace her family, but was sad because of the conditions they were living in.

Nova Stevens talks about her mother in an Instagram post

She then went on to talk about her mother who is an inspiration to her. Nova Stevens revealed how her mother escaped from the United Nations on January 8, 2021. She was stuck there for eight years due to a conflict in South Sudan. She also said that her mother’s escape was a miracle, and then thanked God for bringing her mother back to her. Nova said that there were times when she wouldn’t hear back from her mother, and imagined that the worst thing might have happened to her.

She then concluded her long message by showing gratitude towards everyone who supported her.