Jharkhand: Minor Girls Tie The Knot With Each Other

Since they are minor girls, the teenagers have been handed over to their respective families.

Malavika MS
Feb 09, 2021 15:46 IST
Minor girls get married

Minor girls get married: Two minor girls from Dhanbad in Jharkhand got married in a nearby temple. Their families were dejected when they found out about their relationship.  

Both the teenage girls have the same name, Pooja. One of them is 14 and the other is 13 years old. The girls said that they were deeply in love since childhood and wanted to live together in the future. 

The teenagers are residents of the Sugiadih in Saraidhela police station area of Dhanbad. 


After their marriage in a temple, they started to live together. However, they were forced to return to their respective homes for they did not receive help from friends. 

Later, younger Pooja's mother saw a 'mangalsutra’ on her neck and a vermillion streak on her forehead and forced her to spill the truth. When the truth was known to the families, they rushed to Saraidhela police station for help.

Since the girls are minors, police decided to hand over their custody to their respective families. 


Minor girls get married, say they 'Want to live together in future'

Meanwhile, the girls are adamant on why they should accept the decision that has been taken due to their age. After much convincing and force, the minors reportedly agreed to go back to their respective homes but the older Pooja asserted that if the family decides to do something unwelcomed, she would take her wife away. 

The older Pooja who was dressed in a shirt and trousers said she is the 'husband' in the relationship while the younger Pooja agreed to be the 'wife'.


They are completely non-hesitant about their plan and said, "won’t be able to live without each other." Further, they added, "We will live together once we are grown-ups and attain the age of marriage."

Their families and relatives have still not been able to cope with the truth and the girls' decision. The shocking truth has left them angry as well as dejected since they never expected their daughters to take such a step without their permission.

Picture credit: India Today

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