Milkuri Gangavva, This 58-Year-Old Grandma From Telangana Is A YouTube Sensation

Grandma Telangana YouTube

She is a grandma and a YouTuber! Milkuri Gangavva who belongs to a village in Telangana is a popular face on the YouTube channel called My Village Show.  The channel has 1.58 million subscribers and counting. Milkuri Gangavva adds humour to various social topics and presents feel-good videos in local Telangana style for the channel.

Who is Milkuri Gangavva?

Gangavva is a 58-year-old, but don’t be fooled by her age. She has acted in the Tollywood films and has taken the digital space by storm. She is a school dropout who didn’t get a formal education beyond the first grade. Gangavva has eight grandchildren, worked on the farm once and rolled beedis to support her alcoholic husband and three kids reports News18.

It was her son-in-law Srikanth Sriram, a filmmaker, who spotted her talent. The channel started by Sriram and a group of people creates comedic sketches about village culture and how rural families survive daily CNN reported.

“He used to film plants and trees in the village. I used to think, ‘Why is this boy wasting his time making videos?’ I never imagined in my life that one day I would be in his videos!” Gangavva expressed.

In 2012, when Srikant offered her a role in his short films she grabbed the chance. Srikanth said, “It was in 2015. Reaction videos were then a trend and I decided to try out Gangavva’s reactions to headphones, speakers, Private schools versus Government schools etc. Finally, we did a reaction piece to Village Internet Problems in 2017. That video went viral and she became an overnight sensation. It has 26,000 views and got us a lot of subscribers,” The Hindu reported.

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From rolling beedis to becoming a YouTuber

She had worked various jobs, from being a coolie to a beedi roller to farming. She used to work on the farmland situated in Lambadipally village of Mallial Mandal in Jagitial district, Telangana, while simultaneously featuring in videos for the channel. In 2019, Gangavva finally got recognised when she received a golden plaque from YouTube for reaching one million subscribers.


She also featured in two Telugu language movies – iSmart Shankar and Mallesham. Now, an Instagrammer, Gangavva has over 46,000 followers. She is followed by filmmakers and many other personalities.


She also appeared in film promo events such as Sita, starring Bellamkonda Srinivas and Kajal Aggarwal, and Samantha’s Oh! Baby.

When asked about how social media has changed her life, she said, “If we believe in our strengths, anything can happen. We must strongly want it to happen. I believed in the possibility that I could act,” Tribune India reported.

“I like being in front of the camera, I like acting. It’s nice to know that people from all over India are watching what I do,” the grandma claimed. With Gangavva’s influence and the team’s hard work their biggest hit to date is Village lo Drunk and Drive, which has over 30 million views.


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