Must-Watch: Michigan Mother Celebrates Black History Month With Daily Dress-Up Game

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Black History Month: Michigan mother Taylor Trotter celebrates the month with a daily dress-up game, recreating the looks of famous and influential Black personalities.

A mother from Michigan, USA, has won the hearts of the netizens with her daily dress-up game to teach her daughter as well as the Internet users about some of the most influential Black figures, commemorating the annual observance of Black History Month in USA from February to March every year.

In fact, this is the third time in a row that mommy Taylor Trotter has dressed up her cute daughter Paisley as some of the most influential Black personalities till date. Since February 1, Taylor has been posting a picture, recreating the look of the personality with a caption explaining the valuable contribution of the person to the American and Black history.

The five-year old Paisley has dressed up as various personalities like Kamala Harris, Serena Williams, Amanda Gorman, Jackie Robinson, Oprah Winfrey, George Floyd and many more.

Taylor started observing the Black History Month 2021 by dressing Paisley up as US Vice President Kamala Harris. Along with the side-by-side pictures, she also wrote, “Even when her policies are under fire, her beliefs criticized, she has stayed confident, defending her beliefs because the reality is not everyone will be your friend, not everyone will support you, and not everyone will like you or the things you do, but that surely doesn’t matter one bit. She was always told she could do whatever she wanted to do and be whomever she decided to be. Kamala took that notion in stride, in great lengths. She has continued to pave the way for women, for Black women, Black people, and Asian Americans. She’s given so many hope that they too can become whoever they want to become.” Check out her post and entire caption here.

Credits: USA Today/Taylor Trotter

On the seventh day, she posted the photo of Paisley dressing up as Amanda Gorman, the inaugural poet and activist. She captioned the post, ” Her accomplishments on paper, through her writing, and through her speeches have been nothing short of amazing……. Amanda focuses her work on issues of oppression, feminism, race, marginalization, the African diaspora, and even the climate crisis we’re currently in. She uses her works to speak out and bring awareness to the issues at hand, educate others, and inspire us.”

The post further added, “Her speech impediment has turned into a gift and strength of hers; she chose to see it that way and she chose to use it to her advantage. She’s recognized the platform she holds, even more so now, and continues to use it to inspire, educate, and speak out on the current issues blanketing our society.” Read the entire post here.

Credits: USA Today/Taylor Trotter

Taylor has already posted about many Black personalities till now. Check out all her posts here.

Taylor reportedly came up with this idea while taking a child psychology class at school. That is when she learned about the problems of children having a bi-racial background. According to reports, she said that the class helped her realize that it can be challenging for such children to identify with a group and learn about who they are.

She added, “I knew I had to make a conscientious effort to teach her about the Black side of her and the Black history. And I want this to help her become confident in loving who she is.”

Henceforth, she starts collecting the pictures and captions at the end of every year and then creates a book. Then she and Paisley look at it throughout the year. This gives them a chance to thoroughly learn about these historical figures. She further added, “This teaches her that just because people are different doesn’t mean they aren’t worthy.”

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Taylor also told CNN that she wanted to highlight the BLM movement and the lives of Black Americans lost to police brutality in this year’s annual project of hers. Consequently, she collected 10 people that she wants to pay tribute to, one of which was George Floyd. She explained that she was also trying to bring awareness about the systemic racism and how “people are passing this hatred in their hearts down from generation to generation”. That is why she felt that it was important for her to be honest with her bi-racial daughter about these issues.

She told, “Racism doesn’t have an age, so kids are never too young to learn about it. I don’t want to send her into the world blindsided to the fact that people may treat her differently just because of the way she looks.”

Furthermore, she felt that having a biracial daughter has broadened her point of view. “These aren’t necessarily things that I’ve had to think about before. It’s helped me as a mom and I feel like I’m doing my part in educating my daughter and creating change,” she said. [Feature Image Credits: Facebook]