Michelle Obama presses on need to educate young girls

Education can the biggest virtue for a girl’s life. In times when change is inevitable, few can afford to lose out and education is that asset which facilitates the transformation. Even Michelle Obama urged the need of education young girls in an event organised by a magazine earlier this week.

“Educating girls is the key to ending world problems, including poverty. Read, write, go to school, don’t be late, do your homework, get the best grade, compete with the boys, beat the boys. I am worthy, and if I’m worthy, so are you,” said Obama to an audience of thousands of teenage girls who had come for the event, reports Guardian. Obama has been doing a lot lately to bring everybody’s attention towards the issue as she said that the talent of the girls like Nurfarhada, who is studying, would have been completely wasted if she couldn’t be educated.

The first lady of US was present at the event with Hollywood actor Charlize Theron, Australia’s former PM Julia Gillard and a 16-year-old girl ambassador for Plan International, an international development organisation, Nurfarhada. Editor-in-chief of the magazine, Cindy Leive, moderated the panel discussion about the power of education in a girl’s life.

Obama also got #62MillionGirls trending on twitter on Saturday. It’s a new global education initiative launched by her in a video that has Beyonce and Hugh Jackman. Obama also talked about her on years of education and responded to questions asked by the teens in the audience. She urged all the women and girls to move over petty things like dealing with boy issues and things like that and be more focussed towards education.

“If I had worried about who liked me and who thought I was cute when I was your age, I wouldn’t be married to the president of the United States today,” said Obama boldly in the event in a statement by The Washington Post.

Picture Credit- NBC News